Beauty Of The Cross (The)
Reflections for Lent from Isaiah 52 and 53

Auteur : Tim Chester

Delight in the beauty of Christ afresh this Easter Some of the richest prophecies about the cross of Christ can be found in Isaiah chapters 52 and 53 (the last of the ‘Servant Songs’). Take time to go through these familiar yet extraordinary chapters in the run up to Easter with this Lent devotional by Tim Chester. You will be thrilled and challenged as you see how Jesus matched every part of every prophecy, and brought glory to his name through his beautiful sacrifice on the cross. Contains 47 days of short, stirring reflections as well as a link to an original song, See Jesus Stripped of Majesty. Written by Tim Chester, author of the best-selling Lent devotional « The Glory of the Cross » and Advent devotional « The One True Light".

Chester Tim


Enseignant à l’institut Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy, spécialisé dans l’implantation d’églises, responsable de l’église Grace Church dans le Yorkshire (centre de l’Angleterre), Tim Chester est aussi l’auteur d’une trentaine d’ouvrages. Il est marié et père de deux enfants.

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Beauty Of The Cross (The) - Reflections for Lent from Isaiah 52 and 53
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